Some changes and Markdown

Firstly, I'm a lucky guy. Yesterday I met a guy who's fascinated by hardware tech. He spends a fortune buying PCs, phones, tablets and all sorts of stuff.

Tech has also caught me with it's lure, but I like software. And with open source, most of that stuff is gratis! I can try out new stuff at almost no cost.

Secondly, this blog has been pretty dead lately.

Therefor I'll try to turn it into a real boy. I'll start writing more often, make a real web log out of it. And most often it will be tech related. But I'm not a developer or sysadmin so that stuff will be on a pretty amateurish level.

Also, I'll start putting a few of my notes up as pages. I tend to write down, in very short form, things I might want to look up later, stuff that is usefull and not just fascinating.

I've made a notes page, and here's my Markdown page for now.

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