Why I Blog

or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog

I'm a communicator by trade, yet you would't think it based on my posts. But English is not native to me and, more importantly, that's not why I'm here.

No, in fact it's really hard for me to change my way of thinking from "how is this valuable for my readers" to "how is this valuable for me". Although the latter is not thinking as much as just not caring about you.

I have another draft lined up on why I write - at all. But right now I'm just surprised by how ingrained the entire "who cares!?" mentality is in me.

But if I'm only writing for me, then why do I publish it?

I think it's because there are differences between:

So this is the scratching you own itch and sharing it type of blog. Sure it's better if it looks OK and isn't loaded with typos (don't worry - there will be plenty).

This third option is actually the open source mentality. It might not be useful or interesting to anyone but me, but if it is - here it is.

And if there's one or two who can relate, that's enough for me.

Good thing for both you and me is that there wont be any "10 ways to build your brand on the Tilde-verse" here.

But there should be a license. Do I care if people make money of reposting my content? Fat chance, but still. Do I care if people change it? Guess I do. Creative commons, it is. To the todo list!

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