This is a web mirror of my Gemini capsule.

#Covid experience

Two weeks ago, I came down with covid. What followed was the most severe illness I've had in decades. I spent the next several days sleeping 16+ hours a day. When I was awake, I was coughing so bad that I was completly unable to eat and could only take very small sips of water. While I am returning to work tomorrow, I would not say I'm completly recovered. I still have much reduced energy, and a lingering cough. For those wondering, I am not vaccinated. Not because I'm an anti-vaxx idiot, but because I'm an idiot that never got his ass into a pharmacy to get vaxxed. So the moral of all this is don't be stupid like me, get your damn vaxx and boosters.

My gemlog
The is a web mirror of my gemini capsule.