This is a web mirror of my Gemini capsule.

Computer count

I decided to do my own cumputer inventory, sorted roughly by size/form factor.

"True" Computers

2x Laptops, mine and my spouse's daily drivers

1x Desktop, an old (from ~2010) desktop tower that I'm planning on turning into a media server.

Mobile devices

4x active Smartphones, 2 used as acutal phones, 1 used as a PDA (data only SIM card) and 1 used as a security camera

6(?)x Old Smartphones, that aren't curremtly usable due to various hardware or software problems. Some of them could potentially be fixed to a usable state, but most of them probably just need to be recycled. Exact count is unknown.

1x fitness tracker

1x Hybrid smartwatch, which looks like a standard analog watch, but still links to your phone and show notifications by pointing both hands to a single number on the face.

Media devices

1x AndroidTV box, currently unused

2x Roku boxes

1x iPod

1x Zune

1x Kindle

Gaming systems

1x NES

1x Sega Genesis

2x PlayStation 3

2x GameBoy

1x GameBoy Advance

1x GameBoy DS

1x RetroStone 2, a SBC in a GameBoy-like case, preloaded with emulators for old gaming systems.

Final tally


The biggest thing I noticed during this inventory is the age of my collection. About half are 5+ years old and another quarter of them are 10+ years old.

The is a web mirror of my gemini capsule.