This is a web mirror of my Gemini capsule.

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2022-10-17 I've reformatted the dates on this page, see if it'll show up as a gemisub feed.

2021-07-20 I've begun the process of applying for a new job amd I couldn't be more excited

2021-07-01 Just a quick test.

2020-11-04 Between the the every-other-week hurricanes and all the political bullshit, I'm just so fucking tired.

2020-10-09 I wonder how hard it would be to make a script that pulls text from an email or an irc dm something like that and copies that text into a gemlog post. I could use a fast and easy way to post gemlogs before I forget what I wanted to write.

2020-08-30 So I'm not dead, and I haven't completly forgotten about Gemini. Just my usual pattern of something grabbing my attention util something newer comes along.

2020-07-26 It has been raining all week. I'm suprised I haven't seen any reports of flooding yet.

On a completly different note, my spouse got their new laptop the other day. Once my main laptop comes back for the repair shop (power port got damaged and had to be replaced) we'll be up to four computers, three streaming boxes, and one smartphone. I really need to find a theme and name all of these things.

2020-07-23 What is it about all day rain that kills any desire to be productive?

2020-07-23 My first journal entry on my new gemini capsule.

Thanks go to calamitous for setting this up, and for in general.

EDIT: I renamed 'journal' to 'gemlog'.

My gemlog
The is a web mirror of my gemini capsule.