Account of a sexual harassment (Part 2)

Date: 11-March-2021

Last friday (05-Mar-2021), I met Fr. Varkeychan again in the basketball court.

At first he couldn't meet my eyes he walked towards the court with his eyes on the ground.

Then I (probably unwisely) said hello, then he looked up.

He dribbled his ball (he had brought a ball of his own. From the institute's stores) for a minute and then shot a question: "didn't you see my calls".

After a moment of silence, I replied "yes".

Vark: "Why didn't you call back?"
Me: "No particular reason".

Fr. Vark apparently got the hint.

We then continued to do some shooting practice, he would take my basketball if it went to his side and I would take his basketball if it came to my side.
ie, we would exchange basketballs if it went to the other's side so we can save running after the basketball.

After a while, Fr. Varkeychan suggested that we rest a while on the side of the basketball court.

I foolishly agreed, and then began making his move of the day. It was still day and there were other people nearby, so he didn't dare touch me.

He said the following stuff:

The last one struck me as most weird. What does he have to tell on me? He was the one who behaved inappropriately.

Could it have been his way of hinting that if I complain against him, he will make allegations of some kind against me?

Because if he does, he'll escape too easily. The Church, whose official stance staunchly oppose homosexuality, would never admit that on of its 'priests' who vowed celibacy has homosexual inclinations. Rather it would use its might and influence to do a kind of 'personality assassination' on the victim. It has happened too many times. Even at the time when a nun had accused a bishop of rape.

Then this Fr. Varkeychan began asking personal questions. I lied this time. I didn't want this creep in my life or that of my family's.
His cassock would grant him easy entry to houses. But this one is really a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I was getting more uncomfortable so I left him and began playing with the basketball in the court again.

After a minute, he too began playing.

I was weary of being around this guy, but my inclination to basketball and disinclination to being stuck inside home again (virtually a house-arrest of some sort) kept me playing.

But still I periodically kept checking that there were other people nearby to become witnesses if this 'priest' decided to behave inappropriately again.

After a while, I noticed that the last group of people in the adjacent playing ground were leaving. So I told this 'priest' that I too was leaving.

He sounded disappointed and asked me to stay longer.

What the hell was on this guy's mind? Did he want me to stay till it was dark so that he can try and feel me up again? No sir, no. I left.

But this guy followed me and started asking personal questions again. I lied once again. But this time he showed that he understood that he was being lied to. Then he asked yet another personal question. Then I abruptly said I was leaving and left him.

I heard him shout "then leave!" in an irritated voice behind me. I fled from the area.

What next?

Because of a fear of meeting this guy again, I stopped going to the basketball court. I haven't played basketball in the past week (and staying at home is no fun).
I think I'll still go to the basketball court of that institute. There are no other courts nearby. Not one that would allow outsiders to play there.

So how should I behave if that 'priest' creep shows up again?

I got a feeling that other priests of the institute don't like this 'priest' much. That sounds right though as the others were decent as far as I could see.
This 'priest' told me that he was an english teacher at the school and that he hates english. What kind of a teacher can be teaching a subject for almost all his life and still hate it? What kind of a person is this guy? I don't think his students are fortunate to have him teach them.

I wonder how this guy behaves to his students? Does he molest them? Even if he does, would any child speak up? Even if a child speaks up, wouldn't their parents be afraid of the influence of the church? In short, the victims are most likely to suffer in silence. And people like this guy will keep 'hunting'.
Anyway, back to the subject. How should I behave if I encounter the creep again?

I better give him a silent treatment and see how it turns out.

I will make another post here if I encounter him again.