My Manifesto

Hail and kill for the glory of it's cringe

I am a child plopped into the primordial septic tank of the golden age of the internet. When social media was limited to Myspace and Facebook was still considered college level tinder. When Steve Wozinak created the electronic consumer world we know today from a pristine rotten apple and God said “Who ate from the tree of knowledge the lord has created and forbidden?” to which Steve Jobs added “Yeah! Who ate from my tree?” A time when Anon was refered to by Oprah herself as having “Over 9000 penises!” The internet was serious business and people didn’t get the wild west of the golden age. Now all that is left is just politicians who sill don’t get it.

So now I’m on the lam. I ran into the overgrowth, I ate some tomatoes, dug a hole and buried a steamy one hoping that a tomato plant will grow in this old world I once loved. It will be my shitty little raft you come across and ignore as your surfing the web.

I apologize for how ugly this site is but it’s mine and your free to create your own and show me how much better yours is compared to mine. It’s not a challenge. No really, it’s not a challenge. Your plain text web page is going to be better then mine. I am artistically retarded and have no concept of aesthetics or color theory. I’m am technically savvy enough to know the round peg does not go into the 1100110011001100 hole.

At this point of my manifesto is where I become self aware that I’m blabbering on about nonsense. I don’t know where this is going and now I’m just regurgitating what ever comes to mind. So feel free to just stop reading because this could go on for a while.

I have bunch of ideas and projects in mind. I thinking about cutting myself off the heroin my Best Buy dealer has fed me called Windows. I may finally make the jump to the world of Linux. I dabbled with Ubuntu, Rasbian and Proxmox (if that is considered a linux distro) on a few self hosted servers. I ran into some health issues and I needed to stop my fledgling self hosting project because I couldn’t maintain it while I was ill. I am slowly picking things back up as well as trying new things that I have discovered during my time away.

I do want to journal my techno-journey as I learn and maybe it might be of some use to someone. For the last year, I have been surfing the web discovering old favorites and new ones. It reminded me of young me browsing websites and going into irc for the first time. Inspired me to do something creative and fun. I have never been one to approach projects seriously so excuse the cynicism you may come across. It’s just how I battle the mundane while I learn.

I picked up a number of other other hobbies to just occupy my time such as gardening, fishing and painting. I’m not any good at any of it it but in all fairness, I just started and I am just winging it aimlessly.

Speaking of blind enthusiasm, I think I will end this post here and continue being productive. I apologize for wasting your time. Thank you for the read.