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Ctrl-C Issues

The word 'October' written in orange letters against a black background with a black and white image of a man wearing a button up shirt sitting at a terminal. Then below this are the words As of Right Now I have taken up the responsibilities of the community zine from Loghead. This is pretty much because I saw the zine's page was down and Loghead had stepped back for personal reasons, and I wanted to make contributions to the wider community. This is not me acting alone. Without contributors there are no articles in each zine, and without several other community members I would have to blind-trust that I've got things on my own. This is a figure it out as I go thing and I hope I don't leave too many people having to do too much to cover for my own weaknesses.

In other words. Fuckit, We're Doin' it Live!

Assuming this page is being viewed with a browser that handles graphics, if one looks to the right hand side of the page there is a preview image of this month's cover that, when clicked, will link you to the PDF file. Epub links can be found below.

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My Contributions

What I have added here are a collection of articles I've written for the Ctrl-C Zine.

As I have written for the zine as contributor I have gathered those up for personal archiving. They can be found Here if one is so inclined.

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