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Ctrl-C Issues

As of Right Now Fuckit, We're Doin' it Live!

Assuming this page is being viewed with a browser that handles graphics, if one looks to the right hand side of the page there is a preview image of this month's cover that, when clicked, will link you to the PDF file. Epub links can be found below.

This is not something I expect to get many readers. However I value those that do read. I value those who give content to go into this. I'm grateful for Loghead''s having started this project, and that he is working on his own thing based off of it.

Lemme know if there's anything you want to see moving forward.



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My Contributions

What I have added here are a collection of articles I've written for the Ctrl-C Zine.

As I have written for the zine as contributor I have gathered those up for personal archiving. They can be found Here if one is so inclined.

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