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Obscure corners of the internet

Here is a directory of weird and obscure corners of the internet, which i will update whenever i find one.

You can email stranger@ctrl-c.club to tell me to list one, and you can subscribe to ctrl-c.club/obscure.rss to get updates


webs.com is a normal website for a seemingly legit website builder. However, the subdomain sms.webs.com is very different. Appearing to just be a black background, a drooping smiley-face, and text that says "SMILE", and a button in the corner that says "Create a free website" which goes to webs.com. I have no idea what this is for, and if you have any info you are welcome to email me.


Starlink is a IRC server that started in 1997. The core web design doesn't seem to have changed since then, although it says it was last updated in 2020. I tried connecting to it via Hexchat over Tor but it 404'd, so i am not sure if it is even active, also because the website says that the creator died in 2012.


This is a forum for teenage girls who smoke. Most genuine activity was around 2007, since then it has become filled with spam and perverts. Theres been less then 10 genuine posts on it.