Hi I'm TheGiant, also known as GiantFromJax, or Starstorm. Even after years of on and off use, I'm still I guess a Linux noob, but I am trying. I'm also a little rusty with HTML, things like WordPress have made it too easy to launch a site. It's kind of neat, coding this by hand at the command line.

here's some things I am working on

Take Command aliases (Take Command is a command console for Windows)

Here's other places you can find me

GiantFromJax.com - gaming and streaming
ki4lhu.net - projects and stuff
TheGiant on SDF
TheGiant on tilde.town
TheGiant on Neocities

Why am I all over the web? It's about the communities mostly, the web space is just part of the deal, so I use it.


TheGiant on SDF Mastodon
TheGiant on Twitter