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Welcome to u not cookin.
This is a multi-user website managed by a few friends. You can check out each of our pages via the nagivation bar at the top.

The name u not cookin originally came from a G.I. Joe PSA (abridged video) from early YouTube which was adapted into the codename for this project.
Learn more here: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/gi-joe-psas

Various projects, compilations, and random things are featured throughout our pages. ALL THE THINGS!


u not cookin:
-The overall archive. Originally created by Gio in 2009 as a text file dedicated to the things that have been said in one's life that are so insane that you just have to write them down and quote them somewhere.

MTEQ not cookin:
-The MTEQ only archive. Inspired by u not cookin, created by Spencer as "the board", which expanded to two whiteboards and eventually it's own subsection of u not cookin.