Pickle lovers & Dino

󱤚󱥊󱤣󱥮󱤧󱤬 󱤚󱤧󱥎󱥔󱥧󱥁:󱤚󱤧󱥅󱤉󱤚 󱤄󱤧󱥔󱦜󱥨󱤁󱥍󱦗󱥣󱤼󱦘󱤣󱤧󱥽󱤀󱤧󱤹󱥽! 󱤁󱤧󱤶󱤉󱤚󱥮 󱥐

There's two pickles The pickles are happy because they love each other all is good. But, there's a scary green dino (named Pickle The Dinosaur) and it ROARSSS! It eats the two pickles The end.

Dino & Dragon

󱤁󱥣󱤰󱤧󱤬 󱤁󱤧󱥷󱥩󱤬󱥚󱥨󱥆󱤧󱥴󱤂 󱤧󱤁󱤰 󱥆󱤧󱤮󱥩󱥨󱥆󱤧󱤘󱤂 󱥆󱤧󱤮󱤉󱥴󱤁󱥣 󱤁󱤧󱥬󱤉󱥁: "󱤁󱥴󱥄,󱥞󱤘󱤂󱤘󱥩󱤉󱤴? 󱤴󱥷󱥩󱤬󱥚" 󱤁󱥴󱤧󱥬󱤉󱥁: "󱤴󱤘󱤀!󱥄󱤖" 󱤁󱥴󱤧󱤖󱤓󱤉󱤁󱤰 󱤁󱥴󱤊󱤁󱤰󱤧󱥩󱤬󱥚󱤡󱤁󱤰󱤧󱥎󱥔󱤼! 󱥐

There's a big (land) dinosaur It wants to be high in the sky, BUT it can't fly :( It's a land dino… It tries to fly but is unable It then sees A DRAGON!!! The dino speaks this: "flying dragon, Can you take me to soar? I wanna be in the skies" The dragon says this: "I CAN! Come along" The flying dragon picks up the ground dino The dragon and dino soar through the skies and the dino is very satisfied! The end


󱤑Liki󱤧󱥩󱤺 󱤑󱤧󱤮󱤉󱤑󱤺󱤾 󱥆󱤧󱤓󱤉󱤑󱤰?! 󱤑Liki󱤧󱥩󱤎󱥈󱥗󱤧󱥈󱤉󱤎󱤧󱤷 󱤑󱤺󱤧󱤮󱤉󱥤󱥈󱤡󱤑󱥍󱦗󱤓󱥍󱦗󱤑󱤺󱦘󱦘󱤧󱥩󱥭󱥩 󱤧󱥩󱥶󱤧󱥩󱤰󱥔󱦜

Ricky goes to the moon they see aliens they have hostages Ricky steps on a landmine and it explodes and they die The aliens see this and whilst they're distracted, the hostages escape to Ricky's ship they fly back home