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# 2 - Learning Languages2015-07-19

I've been poking around at a few Haskell tutorials. After learning languages like Java, C, and VB, its very hard to figure out how to solve a problem in Haskell. While Haskell seems to have a few really good applications in solving math and logic problems, I don't understand how or why people write full applications or web frameworks in it. I think I've had enough of Haskell for now.

I mentioned that I did some coding in C. Mainly thats been on the Arduino (both the official C++ like language and AVR-GCC). I hope to start learning C more seriously now. I've worked through Assembly Language Step by Step by Jeff Duntemann enough to understand the power of Assembly. And I love to learn as much as I can about as many things as I can find, so C seems to be the logical next step.

# 1 - Basic Blog and Style 2015-06-16

This will be a nice place to experiment with. I'll be sure to put more stuff here when I can.