Wholesomedonut's Gemlog

2023-03-16 Man, we REALLY don't know git
2023-03-10 Pocket Reform Campaign Coming Soon
2023-03-09 Radio, Silent Key Archive, and Starting my journey
2023-03-02 Move is done, and hopes of planting crops
2023-02-23 My Pinebook Pro Lives!
2023-01-22 A reply to Solderpunk's Orphans of Netscape, Part II
2023-01-21 Realizing you already live pretty tiny
2023-01-18 again A response to ~2pie on Midnight Pub
2023-01-18 A response to jecxjo
2023-01-10 RISC-V and Toki Pona
2023-01-03 new year, thoughts on enterprise email
2022-12-27 random notes

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