Hi! This is ~yuto.

Doesn't this place look empty? It's because it is.

This is my cozy corner on the web but I'm not sure what to do with it yet. Maybe eventually it'll turn into a place with a bunch of goldfish-writing short essays.

Short essays? On my public internet?

A wise person once said that you shouldn't just blabber on blog-like pages (eg. here). This is because people don't want to read unorganized and careless streams of other people's thoughts; they want to read the good stuff, the prose written and (at least slightly) edited for the purposes of consuming. But what makes a piece of writing consumable? This is where the first principles of "good writing" comes in.

  1. Good writings tell a story. There's a reason professors of cutting-edge research always think about what their papers' story is. Telling a story magically makes any topic much more digestable, no matter how cold or scientific the paper may be.
  2. There are probably others but I don't remember.

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