playing games

Posted on 2021-08-03

i dunno what to do when it comes to gaming these days. i used to really enjoy playing all sorts of games, but they all seem to take such dedication to 'git gud' at now.

i played deadlock back in the day. i dunno if anyone but me even remembers the original deadlock but it was a turn based strategy about taking over a planet. the best part of it was that you could bee line science, and then just overpower your opponents in no time flat. every now and again you'd get unlucky and they'd swamp you at the start before you could get anywhere, but you know. these things happen.

i tried going back to it, now it feels sorta cheap and pointless. i've been taught that the best thing is to defeat difficult things and truly prove my worth. stupid sense of acheivement.


Precept Six: ‘Choose Your Own Fate’.

Our elders teach that our fate is chosen for us before we are even born. I disagree.