looking into ctrl-c

Posted on 2021-08-05

iris is fun. i like the idea of a forum just being there on your cli when you need it. i sat and read through all the pertinent posts on ctrl-c's iris this morning. i dunno if there is an easy way to mark all things as read, but i couldn't seem to make it work. which means instead i just sat and did mark_read 1, mark_read 2, etc. until all the ones i didn't want to actually read were cleared.

took a bit.

in other news i apparently don't know how to play empire. i'm going to have to look into that a bit more. i do know how to use frotz though, i just need to decide on something to play with it.


Precept Eight: ‘Travel Alone’.

You can rely on nobody, and nobody will always be loyal. Therefore, nobody should be your constant companion.