Posted on 2021-08-09

i missed a day. meant to post on friday but fun was had! (it was raining in our bathroom. imagine the joy)

i decided to figure out a new bouncer for irc. i used znc way back in the day, but i wanted something new and fun. so first things first i used irssi with the proxy loaded, and it worked great. but it was boring. that's probably a good thing in something you require to be running at all times, but if i lose connection i'll probably survive so i wanted something fun.

i stumbled upon soju.


which i am loving. i have it set up and running, i'm connected to it. it works great.

plus now i can connect to it with catgirl, which i haven't really used before, but seems about what i am looking for in an irc client.

now. to fix the rainstorm in the bathroom.


Precept Nine: ‘Keep Your Home Tidy’.

Your home is where you keep your most prized possession – yourself. Therefore, you should make an effort to keep it nice and clean.