installing gentoo

Posted on 2021-08-19

my nephew is in love with gaming. i can't complain, or indeed really say anything about it. i was too at his age. the issue is his parents won't buy him a computer until he's old enough to not visit websites of illrepute, and install 9,000 viruses that steal all his robux. that's going to take a bit, so instead he comes to my house and tries to use my computer.

for roughly, i dunno, ten years? i'm pulling that number out of my ass, but for a long time i have run exclusively linux systems. my daughter has a laptop with windows on that i lock down so she can play minecraft, roblox, and wobbly dogs, but my main system has run some distro of linux for years.

since my nephew wants to play modern games, i needed a less that optimal solution. single core gpu passthrough sounds great, but the struggle to get it working is nightmarish so i settled for the normal dual boot.

windows 10, installed and loaded with games, and then. gentoo. why not? i've used it before, i know how to install it. it's fun, comfortable, and insanely powerful.

it took me two days of faffing around to get it to even think about functioning.

i couldn't even tell you the things i did wrong. things i know are wrong. things i should know better than to do. and yet here we are, two days later with a working system. i guess that's at least a bonus eh?


Precept Eleven: ‘Mothers Will Always Betray You’.

This precept explains itself.