still here, still alive.

Posted on 2021-09-20

i've been hanging around, sorta half assed doing things. i baked bread. i'm testing various wayland things. i've played a lot of fortnite, to my discredit i guess, but honestly. it was fun anyway.

now i'm debating what to do next.

did you know that weechat has a soju plugin? you can use weechat, connect to soju, and it acts like you've connected to multiple servers. so you can have different nicks that actually look different to you and well as everyone else and such. it's pretty nice.

also the bitlbee-matrix plugin doesn't work with home servers that aren't

that's all i know for now i am afraid.


Precept Thirteen: ‘Never Be Afraid’.

Fear can only hold you back. Facing your fears can be a tremendous effort. Therefore, you should just not be afraid in the first place.