retro systems and the fun to be had.

Posted on 2021-09-27

i updated the date this time. dunno why i keep forgetting to do that.

i've been hanging around the tildeverse for a bit, you know? even before i grabbed accounts i was watching, and sorta learning about how things work.

since getting actually involved i've discovered a lot of strange things. it's important to note that i as alive and happily capable of using these systems when they were actually the cutting edge. but we were not rich, and we lived in the middle of nowhere. seems like most people used this stuff in college settings and the like, well. i didn't go to college, i went to a trade school but i don't think that counts.

so i have been enjoying things like bbj, iris, bb, odd almost bbs type message boards on the various tildes. but recently i discovered that there is a usenet interface available publically on i think that was fun.

looking at that lead me to find that bbs' still exist! like there are people out there still telneting into systems and living a whole retro life! i never did the bbs thing, but now i sort of want to.


Precept Fourteen: ‘Respect Your Superiors’.

If someone is your superior in strength or intellect or both, you need to show them your respect. Don’t ignore them or laugh at them.