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Orion TT

Fly among the stars, fight invading aliens, rescue science!

This is a port of Space Cruiser Orion to the Linux console, using BaCon, the Basic Converter. See the original homepage for more details.

Screenshot of a text-based strategy game running in a terminal emulator, showing an abstract star chart and colorful user interface.

This edition was announced in mid-October 2019, and released three weeks later. It hasn't been revised since.


Like the original, this game comes with source code and a player's guide in the package, and it's open source under the MIT License (also included).

Credits and contact

You can usually find me on IRC, in the #ctrl-c channel of Would love to hear from you. Or see the included read-me file for my e-mail.

Special thanks to the BaCon community for inspiration and encouragement.

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