Reading Looking for Alaska as someone who is probably too old to do so

I've recently started reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. It's a young adult, somewhat cheesy novel about a 16-year-olds time in a boarding school. The novel is very easy to read and a nice change to what I usually read. It feels like a breath of fresh air not having to consider any deeper meanings or analyze the themes. I always feel like there is some pressure to read these difficult, meaningful novels, but to be able to just read without thinking is sooo nice. It almost feels like I have rediscovered my love for reading. It's no longer a big undertaking to start a novel, and it takes just a couple of days of reading on my daily commute to finish the book.

I have been reading Discworld by Terry Pratchett as well, and it's kinda the same thing. Discworld is on a hiatus for now, but reading John Green might have inspired me to pick it back up.