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Last updated 2023-07-24

Religion: What I Think and Have Thunk

A bit more philosophical than usual also shutup thunk is a word

Last updated 2023-03-13

The Call of Cthulhu - The Opinions of an Unprofessional

Spoiler alert lol.

Last updated 2022-11-24

Reading Looking for Alaska

As someone who is probably too old to do so.

Last updated 2022-11-24

Back to using a tiling WM

A short tale of how I riced my desktop

Last updated 2022-08-16

Life status update or smth

Here is an incoherent rambling text about my life if you wanna read that.

Last updated 2022-08-06

Hello World!

First blogpost! How exciting. I wanted to use this opportunity to discuss what this blog is, and isn't.