A professionally incoherent text about a bit of everything

    I just got back from work after summer vacation. I say work, but it's really just a paid internship. School starts again in 3 weeks, and I cannot wait. This job is so boring, and I feel so unwelcome. At the same time, I do get paid, so I feel like I can't be too ungrateful. It's a big industry, and it always comes down to "Who can take care of the intern" and everyone looks down and avoids eye contact. I feel like I just get in people's way. Anyhow, It's good money for someone who hasn't really made any on their own.

    I want to go back to school, finish my education and start life for real. It feels like life is in some kind of transition state, just waiting for something real to begin. I have yet to figure out what, but I just yearn for something new, something to take me somewhere I've never been before, somewhere interesting.

    I am really excited for the future. The plan now might be software development, but for that I'd have to take higher studies, which feels like too much right now. Might also join a military education (lumpen for you Swedes). I really feel like the military could put me out of my comfort zone, and into a situation that is both uncomfortable and educational in a way that makes me appreciate what I have in a different way than I do now. Not that I consider myself ungrateful, but the things I take for granted are definetly not granted at all. I'm just incredibly lucky to have born in a high-HDI, high-GDP, developed country with good healthcare and welfare. Should probably experience some discomfort for a change.

    I don't know where I'm heading, but I'll walk with the knowledge that the road ahead will untangle sooner or later.