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PGP and SSH keys

This page contains all the cryptographic public keys I use for different purposes, ranging from encryption and decryption to signing Git commits and even identity verification without requiring an government-issued ID.

Keysigning ceremories

This is moved to Encrypted communications.

GPG Keys

You can get all the GPG keys I use publicly, including the 2021 key (as shown on Keybase) and ProtonMail-specific encryption key in one file here. Make sure to check the fingerpints and/or key IDs against this list to ensure its the right key.

# one-liner import from my website (or via and
# For my domain, use either the regular suffix or one.
gpg --fetch-keys ""
# sourcehut/gitlab, but it is advised to import latest keys and signatures from keyservers, listed below
gpg --fetch-keys ""
gpg --fetch-keys ""

If you prefer to load it from a keyserver (let say you're an Ubuntu/Debian developer snooping around my profile), you can do so with these command below:

# Other keyservers:,,
gpg --keyserver hkps:// --recv-keys \
  4D5E631758CB9CC45941B1CE67BFC91B3DA12BE8 \
  0527234A430387EA5695D824A30EBE40AD856D88 \
  EA957E7086E934F8DB9CAD21940047813E9D641C \

Keys I use

  • 4D5E631758CB9CC45941B1CE67BFC91B3DA12BE8 - the December 2022 PGP key used for commits and encryption (primary email:
  • 0527234A430387EA5695D824A30EBE40AD856D88 - the Feburary 2021 PGP key, as shown on my Keybase profile (primary email:
  • A715100E58CF60500EE159652F384539C700B263 - Recap Time Squad specific key
  • EA957E7086E934F8DB9CAD21940047813E9D641C - spare signing key for software release, especially on my own Debian package repos/Launchpad PPAs.
  • 5D69E717C5BC95731C2AD8BD120C218ED2291996 - ProtonMail specific encryption key (

SSH Keys

You can also get all the keys in one file (and its signers file) at the following URLs:

These SSH keys are used for signing Git commits and tags occassionally, as well for signing checksums file and identity verification on account recovery for and Miraheze.

Last update: September 30, 2023
Created: December 14, 2022