*sings* "I've never known a girl like youuuu beforeeeee"

"When I came upon it in the ghastly stillness of unending sleep it looked at me, chilly from the rays of a cold moon amidst the desert’s heat. And as I returned its look I forgot my triumph at finding it, and stopped still with my camel to wait for the dawn."


I like science fiction, microcontrollers, retro tech, (low-level) web dev (not sure what exactly this means yet, but I guess it means that I'd rather learn about how frameworks work and build a domain-specific version for myself than just slapping React onto everything), writing SciFi/SciFa among other things.

I eventually wanna be cool enough to have one of those random hyper-specific tools on my site that help a CS Undergrad in distress. Examples of said tools- Karnaugh Map Solver, Tunable Simulations (I have a simple one already under "sims"), 6502 Emulator (?), Digital Logic Simulator etc.

twtxt (not even calling it 'fun' anymore, 'tis shitposting)
nice reads

you might as well check out Ctrl-Zine, the server's own little zine!



slog - local CLI blogging for pubnixes (ded)

iris.py - a client for iris - a serverless command-line forum for tilde-likes


by any chance if you want to contact me:

- `chiptune` on tilde.chat

- chiptune[at]ctrl-c.club