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^Z - backissues, backstory, new issues, new maintainers

This is the former home of Ctrl-ZINE (^Z), a zine by and
for everyone. Bourne on the Smol Web, written and maintained
(primarily) by members of Ctrl-C.club, the initial run of
publication was from March 2023 until August 2023 (six issues).
It is now maintained by another maintainer (or maintainers in
the future, possibly), as the original "editor" (or, compiler)
~loghead has stepped back from involvement with it's publication.

Here are issues 1-6, with a link to where one can find new issues
of ^Z.

[Issue 1]
[Issue 2]
[Issue 3]
[Issue 4]
[Issue 5]
[Issue 6]

For [Issue 7] and beyond, send all enquiries to ~singletona082

For other discussion, reach out to

Thank you for reading, and if you were/are a contributor, thank you
for contributing! Let's make the Web a better place! :)