Stuff by Tilde Members

When I come across webspaces, gemspace capsules, projects and stuff done by Tilde members that I find interesting, I list them here. I've only skimmed the surface of a few Ctrl-C club members, I haven't yet rummaged deeper, I've still yet to look through other tilde servers.

Also, the Ctrl-C club holds a members list on their website here though you can also enumerate /home for a list of members and there are many other ways to get a list of members via the shell too, Ctrl-C club may even hold the members list in gemspace too but like I said in my previous paragraph, I'm only just skimming the surface of a few members.

Convert your gemini capsule into HTML

Do you prefer Gemini over HTTP? Or maybe you don't like web technologies such as HTML and CSS? Well, luckily for you, fellow tilde member has wrote a shell script to convert your Gemini capsule to HTML code so you can even get your stuff across to HTTP users without having to put in an effort. Click here for access to the few short scripts which ~lovetocode999 has wrote.

I'm going to be looking for a solution myself to make changes to both my gemini capsule (not done anything with Gemini yet) and my webspace here at the same time plus I'm not keen on web technologies so it would be nice to have a more preferable interface for putting out information both here and in gemspace, you can read more about that and the reasons why I'm not keen on web technologies by going to my home page.

Stuff by has made a program which tracks where in the world Ctrl-C club members are and plots their coordinates onto a map though it looks like not many (only 3 last I checked) members have added their location to it, perhaps privacy is a big concern or maybe people just don't know about it yet. Anyway, click here to view the tracker.

They also made a tracker which reads the contents of a projects directory within the home directories of Ctrl-C club members and constructs a directory listing of code file paths which can be viewed here.

The person who made Ctrl-C club

Meet calamitous or who made the Ctrl-C club tilde server which is a member of the Tildeverse federation, that means this server has been around for a while and may not disappear any time soon.

Calamitious made iris which is a serverless forum software which is run and interacted with via the shell, it makes no connections and has no database, click here to check this project out, also if you are a Ctrl-C member, just run iris at your shell. Also, don't forget to check out their local tilde webspace here.

The person who made is a Ctrl-C club member

Meet Ben or who made the tilde server which is a member of the Tildeverse federation, that means this server has been around for a while and may not disappear any time soon.

Interesting blogs and blog posts

All things tilde that go QUACK!

Okay maybe not all things but here are the things I noticed. explains on their webspace why they chose the name bakbak, it's because it sounds like quack quack and they thought it was funny. mentions on their webspace that they're an ugly duckling but lets tell them they're wrong and have lovely feathers. <3 :3

tildebot over at TildeChat goes QUACK.

13:29:12      tildebot | \_o< QUACK!

Other cool stuff has created a cmatrix style animation for their homepage however MIF is what scrolls down the page and not some freaky characters, if you stay there long enough, you'll them reach their blog. Click here to see it. has opened up a small arcade which can be visited here. has a text based approach to their webspace that seems to be when I tried fully browsable using curl, you can be visit their webspace here.