The Season clock is an implementation of Scott Thrift's project The Present, a clock that rotates once a year, beginning on the winter solstice. The colors indicate the season. Green for the fall harvest. When the hand reaches the golden bottom it is at the summer equinox. Red represents the fall and violet/blue indicate the winter. Thrift's project reminds us to slow down and experience time in the moment by displaying our movement through the seasons. For additional information including the ability to order your own physical clock visit The Present's website.

I coded this over several hours while working on code sketching. Methodology: There are 365 days in a year, but only 360 degrees of rotation. We subtract 170 in order to center the hand at the top center on the winter equinox. Thus, New Year's Eve and Day is rotated slightly to the right of the top center. I claim no ownership behind the idea for this clock. This is just for fun.