Back to Markdown & Pandoc

I was so rusty when I got back on here that for Blog 2, I lapsed into hand-rolling HTML like a psychopath. But the writing process resurfaced my love for Markdown which in this context, I guess, means love of Pandoc too.

Since the tildeverse is part of the pubnix space, some readers may be interested in a specialised form of pubnix: disposable root shells. I stumbled across this site.

(A screenshot of The Hacker's Choice website)

I guess it's for "pen-testing" and the like.

Just because I created this page from a Markdown file, doesn't mean that I haven't ended up tweaking the HTML. Oh well, baby steps.

I took the path of least resistance and emailed the screenshot. A true greybeard would do a fancy mv command. That reminds me of the only time I was ever impressed by a Chromebook. I managed to drag & drop a file from the laptop's filesystem into Ctrl-C Club's filesystem.