Blog 4: for new times’ sake (Dec '23)

(follows from Blog 3)


I conducted a hasty review of writings here and corrected a couple of dead links, realising that I’ve hardly used the Club this whole year. I had directed someone to check them out, because in sharing with her something I’d written, she became interested in my self-publishing mode. She’s a community development practitioner/activist and founder of a community WiFi network in rural Limpopo, where locally hosted content is valued because the local speech is marginalised by being labelled a mere dialect, hence hardly used in public media, education etc.


I mentioned to her that just as the community network hosts videos in their language, it could host a pubnix server. First, however, a user group has to be nurtured. This she has started to do. Inevitably I shall find myself mentoring this project, perhaps even visiting.

(See also Self-publish with free software)