Hello (again) World (tildeverse)!

Logging back into the Club after a while away brings a rush of gratitude that such a space exists. Also a tinge of sheepishness at having neglected one's "patch." One link no longer points to the right screenshot; must sort that out.

Unlike last time, when I was writing in a Bash shell that could be configured in an obvious way, I'm now using PowerShell which can't. I have a small screen so the text is tiny. I'd like to increase the text size, and I love the way nano highlights specific elements of a text in specific colours in Bash. PowerShell is so 1970s.

Okay, maybe I just have a grudge against Wm.Gates.

Moving on, I think kids should be taught Markdown more or less as part of learning to write. That would embed the concept of markup in their minds.


Okay so it seems all these months the .png suffix was missing from the second screenshot anchor. Sorted.

Also, I discovered PowerShell's config & enlarged the font.

To many it may seem pathetic to tediously handwrite & go back and correct HTML. Let's just say it's occupational therapy.

Or procrastination. Whatever.

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