Hello, welcome to my hypertext home tour!

I've lived in a lot of apartments over the years. Whenever I stumble on a phot of an old apartment, I think: "Wow! That's so cool. I remember living there." It stirs up a sweet nostalgia, I wish that I had done more to document the various places that I've lived. So, for the ctrl-c.club webpage jam, I decided to build hypertext tour of my home. It is partially inspired by interactive fiction, and has an exploratory aspect.

You might want to start on the couch.

Unfortunately, I ran out of time during the jam and wasn't able to write as much as I would have liked. There is an "Odds and Ends" page of all the stuff that didn't make it, tucked away in the tour. If you stumble there, and want more content like this, please let me know.