The Starter Couch

This is the "starter couch". It's where I spend a lot of my time, while minding the baby. We all hang out here a fair bit during the day. It has a lovely view of the window. Right behind this view is a staircase and the wedding certificate.

"Why do you call it the starter couch?" We call it the "starter" couch because we wanted to buy a much fancier couch. During the Pandemic, we ordered an absolutely massive couch. It was going to take up most of our tiny living room. It turned out that we couldn't get it up the elevator to our apartment. And so, we had to return it. Because this was in the middle of the Pandemic, this mean storing it with my father-in-law. He heroically drove from his city to our city, picked it up, and kept it in his garage for something like six months. This gave us a lot of time to meditate on whether we really wanted a couch the size of a small city. In the end, we decided that we were about to have kids and they would probably destory our couch. And so, we don't really care about what happens to this couch. It can catch a bottle of a milk, or half a cup of coffee, or a spoonful of yoghurt -- no problem-o.
"Whoa! Funky dragon!" I didn't know anything about this dragon before making this little tour. It has just always been hanging on the wall ever since my wife and I moved in together -- many apartment and years ago. I asked my wife about it, and she told me the whole story. When she was about fourteen her mom took her and her sister on a little trip to Bancroft, ON. There is a "funky finds" store there. Her mom bought her the dragon tapestry and it hung in their living room for years. When my wife moved out, her mother gifter her the dragon tapestry. And now the dragon lives in our living room!