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Linking you up to the best sites on the net that you may or may not have heard about:

  • DuckDuckGo: Non-evil search engine
  • GOG: Buy your games here DRM-free

  • Security:
  • ProtonMail: Legit and secure email
  • VirusTotal: Use your computer without an Anti-Virus installed
  • ccleaner: A must for any computer, clean it with this
  • File Shredder: Shred free space or full drives to prevent recovery of "deleted" files

  • Music:
  • 8BitPeoples: Great chiptune music
  • Ozzed: Cool chiptunes composer and tutorial

  • Programs:
  • Veracrypt: Best encryption
  • Tox: Very secure chat and file transfer
  • RUFUS: Bootable USB Program
  • 4K Video Downloader: Really good video downloader
  • Treesize Free: Sort your files by size

  • Programming:
  • LazyFoo: Awesome programming tutorials
  • TILED: Legit tilemap Editor
  • Spriter's Resource: Many awesome sprites

  • Emulation:
  • Zophar's Domain: Emulators
  • EmuParadise: ROMs and some emulators
  • Citra 3DS: Legit 3DS Emulator Developer

  • Games (all free):
  • Eversion
  • Pixel Dungeon
  • Syobon Action
  • Super Mario War
  • Pokemon 3D
  • Molten Core 8-bit

  • Try FFR, the keyboard warrior version of guitar hero. I've played this game since middle school.