Wholesomedonut at CTRL-C.club

Hi everyone! I'm wholesomedonut.

I've been around the smolnet for a few years now. I like it a lot more than the main internet, and so I think in some form or fashion I might stick around.

By trade I'm in IT. But it feels like I wind up doing a lot of other things.

Expect random posts about random things. Yup.


If you're trying to contact me

I am horrible at checking the email commonly associated with wholesomedonut in the Centernet.

If you want to talk to me here, about stuff in smolnet, use:

wholesomedonut(at)ctrl-c(d0t)club .

Calamitous has a real nice banner that runs whenever I SSH into the pubnix and among other things it tells me if I have mail. I check in daily so you'll probably get it to me in decent time.

Whether or not I remember to reply is a different story. I promise I'm not just ignoring you. :D

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This site is a mirror of my Gemini site, gemini://gemini.ctrl-c.club/~wholesomedonut