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Hey all! We're having a webjam in August!

Have you always meant to finish setting up your site on Ctrl-C.club but never got around to it? From Aug. 25 to Sep. 1, we'll be taking a week to update, polish, and fix our sites. Details on how to participate are here.

Special thanks to ~gome for putting this on for us!

What's going on with the user count?

Our little server is filling up again. To make room for our active and new users, we're archiving accounts that have not been logged into in 5 years or more.

If your account was archived and you'd like it set back up, or if you'd just like the data you had on the server sent to you, reach out to admin@ctrl-c.club.

Want to chat?

We're now part of the tilde.chat IRC network!

How about a forum?

Our text forum, Iris, is available through SSH! Once you're logged in, type `iris` to join the conversation.

Want to get involved in the next big little thing?

If you've been paying attention to your home directory, you've noticed a new subdirectory: `public_gemini`. That's because we're now running a Gemini server! It's available at gemini://gemini.ctrl-c.club

Gemini is a new, collaboratively designed internet protocol that is less complicated than the web, but more robust and modern than gopher.

Add .gmi files to your public_gemini directory, and your Gemini site will be published to our Gemini home page in an hour or so.

Details about the protocol are available at https://gemini.circumlunar.space

What is Ctrl-C.club?

It's a place for the curious to poke around and play.

Ctrl-C.club is a Linux server offering free SSH and web accounts to users who want to build webpages, chat online, learn Linux, play text console games, or fiddle around writing software.

You can:

  1. Make a web page
  2. Chat with others
  3. Learn some Linux
  4. Play games
  5. Do some programming
  6. And A Bunch of Other Stuff

Find more information in the FAQ.

What's everyone been up to?

  1. ~gome is putting on a Webjam for the whole server! See the announcement on the front page, or go here for details.
  2. ~loghead has released the first edition of Ctrl-ZINE, a zine started here on Ctrl-C.club. Read it here!
  3. ~nodisc has written an alternate client for Iris, with search! Check it out in Iris thread 268!
  4. ~loghead has been working on some more documentation for Iris. Check it out!
  5. ~quadruplea wrote a command, newstuff, that shows you a list of what everyone on the server's been up to. Try it out!
  6. ~cenalene has put together a comment page for his site. Stop by and say hi!
  7. ~fleg has been busy! He's built a tool to convert his blog from Jekyll to Gemini, and has been developing a COVID tracker for Poland! Keep it up!
  8. ~lovetocode999 built a script to turn Gemini sites into HTML sites. No more duplicated efforts! Check it out on their scripts page!
  9. ~aravk has put up a blog post on our gemini server about dependency ordering (gemini://gemini.ctrl-c.club/~aravk/ordep.gmi). Good stuff! We've been getting a lot of interest in our gemini server, feel free to check it out! gemini://gemini.ctrl-c.club
  10. ~nttp has been busy! In addition to setting up the most extensive Gemini capsule on Ctrl-C.club yet, he's developed a brand-new line-editor, Snaked. Check it out!
  11. ~sata has built an RGB guessing game here! How good are you at recognizing colors?
  12. ~nomius, the man behind the Kwort Linux distribution, is hosting a patch repository here on Ctrl-C.club!
  13. ~0x00ctrl made a page listing the social networks our users have posted on their personal pages!
  14. We now have a bot that tracks what's going on in the IRC channels! Big thanks to ~greymtr for getting that set up!
  15. ~philips has kicked off an ambitious new project: The Flow MUD! Check it out and pitch in to help!
  16. ~jstg is putting together a list of the software that's installed on Ctrl-C.club! Check it out!
  17. ~philips put together a new tool for creating polls from the command-line, which is now available system-wide.
  18. ~philips has updated Bake. Now it will set the author's name to the system username by default!
  19. ~ksikka hit the ground running with an in-depth look at Berkeley DB
  20. ~philips has put together a collaborative short story project. Go read and contribute!
  21. Bake has been updated to support multiple bakefiles and RSS feeds. Thanks, ~philips!
  22. ~Azmo has put together a tool for editing his site straight from the browser: Rotide! Some of us have taken to opportunity to leave little notes on his site. Check it out!
  23. Our own ~philips has been working on Bake, a templated blog generator. It's been installed for anyone to use, so give it a whirl!
  24. ~philips has made a new tool, netrec, for recording nethack sessions, which can be played back in your browser! Check it out and watch it play!
  25. ~bear has put together a map of Ctrl-C.club users. Find it here! Read the description of the page to find out how to opt-in.
  26. ~endorphant has set up a World File at /home/endorphant/HELLO.txt. Hop in and leave a message saying howdy!
  27. ~bear has been working on making a list of all the projects and code Ctrl-C.clubbers are working on! Check it out!
  28. A couple of Ctrl-C.club members have been working with Inform 7 to write text adventure games (aka Interactive Fiction). ~endorphant has put up some documentation about parchment, a system for running Z-Machine games in the browser!
  29. ~endorphant is building a page to make a narrative out of our nethack sessions! Check it out!
  30. ~pgadey keeps building new stuff! Now we have a place where you can see whose pages have been updated lately.
  31. We now have some docs on communicating with wall, who, finger, and write. Thanks, ~pgadey!
  32. See the nethack high scores here.

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Incident Report

Looking for information about the outage of Feb. 2016? Check here.