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Snaked line editor

Snaked is a line editor with some less usual features:

Editing text from the command line doesn't have to be cryptic!

Download version 1.3.1 (18K)

Snaked is open source under the MIT License. It should work in any version of Python this side of 2.7 or so.


Version 1.3.1 was released on 14 September 2020:

Changes in version 1.3 (12 September 2020):

Version 1.2 brings a couple of improvements:

As of 10 September 2020, version 1.1 adds the following new features:

Status and roadmap

With version 1.3.1, Snaked is complete as originally intended. There are no current plans for further work, but any suggestion is welcome.

As of 20 July 2022, Snaked is mirrored on TildeGit.


You can usually find me on IRC, in the #ctrl-c channel of, or else on Mastodon. Would love to hear from you.

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