No Time To Play

Small things without a better home

Having fun without clear goals? What a concept.
Scrunch Edit
A two-pane outliner for Org Mode and Markdown files
written in Python and Tkinter; works on low-res screens
an outline note-taking editor
written in Python and Tkinter
works on low-res screens
Keep an EyeOut
a tool to eye the outline of various documents (and convert them)
written in Python for the command line; see built-in help
wiki engine based in Brutalist (web) design principles
written in PHP; decent security, minimal requirements
Tipsy Turtle
turtle graphics program for making banners and logos
open source and portable; Linux builds available
WireView 3D
simple previewer for 3D models in STL or OBJ format
open source and portable; Linux builds available
Snaked line editor
line editor written in and for Python, with some less usual features
modern, friendly, self-documented, easy to modify
a binding of the curses API to the Duktape Javascript interpreter
comes with a port of the Dungeon Romp roguelike demo
Gopher client for the desktop with clean, modern looks
written in Python with Tkinter

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