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A simple viewer for local GemText files.

GemView is a little command-line tool for viewing and browsing local text files, mainly in the GemText markup language (see below).

Screenshot of an application showing colorful formatted text in a terminal.



GemView is open source under the MIT license. See source code:

For more information:

System requirements

GemView requires Python 3 and the Urwid library. Both are readily available in most Linux and BSD distributions, or else from the website and the Python Package Index, respectively.

A terminal emulator that supports ANSI control codes is required.

Usage [ -h | -v | <file or directory> ]

Links can be clicked, but you need a keyboard to navigate. Shortcuts:

GemView can also be imported as a Python module and used that way.


As of 3 February 2023, GemView appears to work reliably, but needs more testing. To follow external links, a graphical desktop and browser are recommended.

To do:

More information

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