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Scrunch Edit

A two-pane outliner for Org Mode and Markdown files.

Often a text editor is more than enough to handle even long, complex documents. But past a certain point it gets hard to navigate the structure. This is where outliners come in. It's just that most outliners use their own file formats, and have poor or non-existent support for import and export. We can do better.

Screenshot of a desktop application showing a tree of headings down the side of a text editor, along with a toolbar and other widgets. There aren't any icons.

Scrunch Edit is a two-pane outliner with as many main goals:

It otherwise acts much like a simple text editor.



The code has been used in production for over a month as of 27 November 2021, but keep backups anyway. See also:

The user interface should be fairly obvious. See the usage notes below.

System requirements

Scrunch Edit requires a Python runtime. Python comes preinstalled on the Mac and most Linux distributions; Windows users can get it from the website. You'll also need the Tkinter module, which is bundled with most Windows runtimes and preinstalled on the Mac. On Linux you might need to add it yourself: look in your package manager for something called "tkinter", "python-tk" or the like.

Python version 3.x is preferred, but 2.7 should work as well.

Recommended screen resolution: 800x600.


Scrunch Edit 1.x is complete as of 27 November 2021. Bugs are still being fixed.

Scrunch Edit 2.x is the new current version. See the changelog for details.

Usage notes

Scrunch Edit guesses formats based on file extensions. There's no other way short of separate "open" commands, since the same text file can be interpreted in different ways based on context.

While an effort has been made to provide key combos for most functions, Scrunch Edit is best used with mouse and keyboard together.

License and credits

Scrunch Edit is based on knowledge gained from, and offered as open source under the MIT License. See the source code for details.

Scrunch Edit borrows much from OutNoted and Tee-Wee Editor.

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