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Welcome to the DukTerm library! This is a binding of the curses API to the Duktape interpreter. The original pretext, er, goal was to make a Javascript roguelike playable in the Linux console.

To keep it manageable, as of 3 October 2020 DukTerm is very minimal; see the bindings overview (also included in the archive) for details.


DukTerm library release 1 (25K)

DukTerm is open source software under the MIT License (just like Ncurses and Duktape).


DukTerm is currently developed on a PC running Debian 10, and built with the following command line:

	gcc --std=c99 main.c dukterm.c -lcurses -lduktape -lm -o dukterm

Duktape is also present in the Termux and Alpine Linux repositories. For other distributions, grab a copy from and build it from source first.

Last but not least, it's possible to build and run DukTerm in NetBSD 9.2, but extra configuration is needed. Duktape is also available as a binary package there.


DukTerm is most useful when included into a larger project. That said, it ships with a minimal interpreter able to load and run any Javascript files passed on the command line. The latter is enough to run the examples.

Speaking of which: as suggested above, the archive includes a port of Dungeon Romp, an old roguelike demo that was never completed.

Game screenshot showing the map of a village, made of colorful ASCII characters, surrounded by status messages.

Contact and support

Questions or feedback are welcome; see in the archive for my e-mail address, or drop by the #ctrl-c channel on (via good old IRC).

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