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Welcome to the DukTerm library! This is a binding of the curses API to the Duktape interpreter. The original pretext, er, goal was to make a Javascript roguelike playable in the Linux console.

To keep it manageable, as of 3 October 2020 DukTerm is very minimal; see the bindings overview (also included in the archive) for details.


DukTerm library release 1 (25K)

DukTerm is open source software under the MIT License (just like Ncurses and Duktape).


DukTerm is currently developed on a PC running Debian 10, and built with the following command line:

	gcc --std=c99 main.c dukterm.c -lcurses -lduktape -lm -o dukterm

Duktape is also present in the Termux repositories. For other distributions, grab a copy from and build it from source. Other C compilers should work, and non-portable curses extensions are avoided.


DukTerm is most useful when included into a larger project. That said, it ships with a minimal interpreter able to load and run any Javascript files passed on the command line. The latter is enough to run the examples.

Speaking of which: as suggested above, the archive includes a port of Dungeon Romp, an old roguelike demo that was never completed.

Game screenshot showing the map of a village, made of colorful ASCII characters, surrounded by status messages.

Contact and support

Questions or feedback are welcome; see in the archive for my e-mail address, or drop by the #ctrl-c channel on (via good old IRC).

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