Lurking in darkness, eyeing games

No Time To Play

Because development is the best game.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

I make games because the alternative is to lie down and never get up again.

I make art because art is good. One of the few good things we have in life. (new!)

I put it all in writing so that others get a better shot at success than I did.

You can also find me elsewhere online, e.g. on and Mastodon. But this site is hosted on a tilde server for a reason.

My other site has grown too big. Old and ponderous. Smaller things slip through the cracks. Things no less deserving of a home. Smaller news, too.

I've had that other site for over ten years now. I've been using Linux for over twenty. I want to make more stuff for my friends here. Hey, Lovetocode999, Lettuce, Avaxar. Thank you for having me.

P.S. Check out Ctrl-Zine, our little club's own periodical. I'm in it!

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