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Cozy Catalog

A little personal database for media libraries and similar.

It started with a simple problem: keeping a list of favorite webcomics, each with the same information about it, such as category, title, link, description, tags and so on. In other words, a table. For a while it existed as a spreadsheet, but that was hard to update, for several reasons. A dedicated user interface was needed, but that took some time to figure out.

Screenshot of an application with a small toolbar and menu system but no icons, showing a list of webcomics grouped by category, in three columns.

Cozy Catalog is a little personal database, mainly for media libraries and the like. It's plain and doesn't do anything special except for making it easier to locate and update information. Its data files can also be opened with pretty much any office suite or programming language, to avoid lock-in. Main features:

The user interface should be fairly obvious.


Cozy Catalog is open source under the MIT license. See source code:

As of 26 January 2023, the code has been used in production for a week or two without issues. Please back up your data.

There's a quickfix for version 0.7 as of 9 March 2023.

System requirements

Running Cozy Catalog from source requires Tcl/Tk 8.5 or newer, with Tcllib. Both are available on most Linux distributions, or else from the website.

Recommended screen resolution: 1024x768.

Credits and support

Cozy Catalog is based on knowledge gained from; it borrows much from Scrunch Edit and ToyEd.

You can usually find me on IRC, in the #ctrl-c channel of, or else on Mastodon. Would love to hear from you.

Mirrors: and tildegit.

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