No Time To Play


A toy text editor in Tcl/Tk for educational purposes.

ToyEd is a toy text editor made for fun and learning. It's not meant for serious use, but rather to be studied and built upon.

Screenshot of a simple text editor with a small toolbar and menu system but no icons, showing its own source code.

ToyEd is written in 700 lines of Tcl/Tk (see below), but has many expected features:


ToyEd is open source under the MIT license. See source code:

As of 6 october 2023, the code seems to work right, but hasn't been tested much. Please back up your data.

The user interface should be fairly obvious. See also:

System requirements

Running ToyEd from source requires Tcl/Tk 8.6 or newer, with Tklib. Both are available on most Linux distributions, or else from the website.

Recommended screen resolution: 800x600.

Credits and support

ToyEd was born from the experience of developing Scrunch Edit TT, and reuses most code from it.

You can usually find me on IRC, in the #ctrl-c channel of, or else on Mastodon. Would love to hear from you.

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