No Time To Play


A toy text editor in Tcl/Tk for educational purposes.

ToyEd is a toy text editor made for fun and learning. It's not meant for serious use, but rather to be studied and built upon.

Screenshot of a simple text editor with a small toolbar but no icons, showing its own source code.

ToyEd is written in 700+ lines of Tcl/Tk (see below), but has many expected features:

See also: ToyEd Native.


ToyEd is open source under the MIT license. See source code:

As of 23 Jan 2024, the editor has seen little use. Please back up your data.

The user interface should be fairly obvious. See also:

System requirements

Running ToyEd from source requires Tcl/Tk 8.6 or newer, with Tklib. Both are available on most Linux distributions, or else from the website.

Recommended screen resolution: 800x600.


Q: Have you considered adding syntax highlighting?

A: I'd love to, but that would be quite involved, especially for multiple languages, and ToyEd is meant to stay simple so it can serve as a basis for bigger apps. Not all text editors should be programming editors!

Credits and support

ToyEd was born from the experience of developing Scrunch Edit TT, and reuses most code from it.

You can usually find me on IRC, in the #ctrl-c channel of, or else on Mastodon. Would love to hear from you.

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