an update of sorts posted by neural @ 3:57 February 3
i finally decided to do some link/affiliate editing. interesting. i'm sorry for not replying to all the email as of late. i'll try and get better at that. and to answer a lot of you at once, i will not be releasing any tutorials..ever. there is no special 'technique' that i use. and before you e-mail me, learn how to read. nothing pisses me off more than email asking what programs i use yet it is stated under each wallpaper i have ever done. and there is something called the 'FAQ' that some of you have obviously not found. i am not sorry for sounding like an asshole, this is something that had to be said.

n0zix is dead, please welcome neural. posted by neural @ 11:32 February 2
i have decided to change my online handle. i thought 'n0zix' sounded a bit too uberl33t0rh4x0ri5hw4nn4b3. neural doesn't quite have that same effect, not on me for that matter. expect some new stuff in the next few weeks.

i must flee, but not without a huge ass update posted by n0ziX @ 12:24 January 6
school is starting up once again forcing me to spend less time online and on twisted drain. over the last few weeks i've been working on a number of projects (which explains the lack of updates, duh). most of which have been added to their appropriate sections. here is a quick rundown of all the new content:

- 1 new wallpaper (valley of darkness)
- 3 new spewages (homage to Giger, mindblender, and rotting)
- 1 new skin (dfektionAMP)

i have no idea when the next update will occur, which why i decided wanted to add all the content today.

no, i haven't died. posted by n0zix @ 12:36 December 17
I've been suffering through finals for the past few days. The sad thing is that it won't be over until Tuesday. Anyway, I have a new wallpaper that I've been meaning to release. I'll put it up later this week.

server downtime posted by r0b @ 4:56 December 10
don't know if any of you noticed the little downtime we had earlier today (around 6:00pm gmt, dont know what time that is in yanky time but anywho) but the server was down for about an hour or so, sorry for any problems this caused but it was just meant to be. But its all in fully working order now :)
oh yeah i'm gunna be off on a cruise for about two weeks starting this weekend, so if the site has any problems(fingers crossed it wont) i wont be around to get them sorted.

domain! posted by n0zix @ 4:43 December 10
thanks to shadow over at my new address is now yes, i really do owe him. watch out for shadowness v03!

yet another affiliate posted by n0zix @ 7:47 December 5
this time it's if you haven't been there yet, you probably should have. it's a very grungetastic site with some incredible art. don't walk but run to

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