twisted drain 5 creation process - posted by n0zix @ 9:49 November 30

Yet another version of twisted drain. Will the madness ever end? I grew tired of the current design and a change was dreadfully needed. I planned on basing this off of my currently unreleased skin, technical violence. Rob from offered to the entire php backend of twisted drain. How 1337 is that? I came up with the idea of having two metallic columns to house all the content.

(the metallic column)

I wanted everything to revolve around some futuristic monitor that would display random images along with the site name and logo. The "power", if you will, would come from a few metallic tentacles/pipes that would be strewn about the top section of the page.

(the pipes)

Nice, I suppose. The pipes looked a little dirtier than what I wanted. A bit of cleaning was required.

(the cleaner version)

I had trouble on deciding where the menu would be placed. After much pondering, I chose to place it on the far left side right under the bottom pipe.

(the uber 1337 menu)

I also decided to add a couple more pipes and sharp metal objects to the scene. Now it was time to do the monitor. I couldn't the decide on the shape to be used. I was stuck between a circular and square design. I compromised and used a misc. curve shape instead.

(the secksay monitor)

Now about 2/3 of the top section was complete. I had to somehow connect the monitor to the right column. A large metal rod was then "driven" through the monitor that extended to the opposite end. I also added a couple more rods to prevent the right side from looking empty. A coat of blood and rust was also added to dirty things up a bit.

(the right side)

Now that the design was done, a bit of html slaughtering and coding was to be done. I refused to use frontpage due to the awful code it generated. I trusted my own code and used the primitive, yet useful, notepad. As I stated earlier, the entire backend was done by Rob. It 0wns beyond comprehension. ph34r him. We both spent about a week trying to get the content online. The whole site creation process went a lot smoother than with past releases. All in all, this release was fairly painless, at least for me. A deadline actually met, imagine that.