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Want to chat?

We're now part of the tilde.chat IRC network!

How about a forum?

Our text forum, Iris, is availabable through SSH! Once you're logged in, type `iris` to join the conversation.

Want to get involved in the next big little thing?

If you've been paying attention to your home directory, you've noticed a new subdirectory: `public_gemini`. That's because we're now running a Gemini server! It's available at gemini://gemini.ctrl-c.club

Gemini is a new, collaboratively designed internet protocol that is less complicated than the web, but more robust and modern than gopher.

Add .gmi files to your public_gemini directory, and your Gemini site will be published to our Gemini home page in an hour or so.

Details about the protocol are available at https://gemini.circumlunar.space

What is Ctrl-C Club?

It's a place for the curious to poke around and play.

Ctrl-C Club is a Linux server offering free SSH and web accounts to users who want to build webpages, chat online, learn Linux, play text console games, or fiddle around writing software.

You can:

  1. Make a web page
  2. Chat with others
  3. Learn some Linux
  4. Play games
  5. Do some programming
  6. And A Bunch of Other Stuff

Find more information in the FAQ or the Wiki.

What's everyone been up to?

  1. ~nttp has been busy! In addition to setting up the most extensive Gemini capsule on Ctrl-C.club yet, he's developed a brand-new line-editor, Snaked. Check it out!
  2. ~sata has built an RGB guessing game here! How good are you at recognizing colors?
  3. ~nomius, the man behind the Kwort Linux distribution, is hosting a patch repository here on Ctrl-C.club!
  4. ~0x00ctrl made a page listing the social networks our users have posted on their personal pages!
  5. We now have a bot that tracks what's going on in the IRC channels! Big thanks to ~greymtr for getting that set up!
  6. ~philips has kicked off an ambitious new project: The Flow MUD! Check it out and pitch in to help!
  7. ~jstg is putting together a list of the software that's installed on Ctrl-C.club! Check it out!
  8. ~philips put together a new tool for creating polls from the command-line, which is now available system-wide.
  9. ~philips has updated Bake. Now it will set the author's name to the system username by default!
  10. ~ksikka hit the ground running with an in-depth look at Berkeley DB
  11. ~philips has put together a collaborative short story project. Go read and contribute!
  12. Bake has been updated to support multiple bakefiles and RSS feeds. Thanks, ~philips!
  13. ~Azmo has put together a tool for editing his site straight from the browser: Rotide! Some of us have taken to opportunity to leave little notes on his site. Check it out!
  14. Our own ~philips has been working on Bake, a templated blog generator. It's been installed for anyone to use, so give it a whirl!
  15. ~philips has made a new tool, netrec, for recording nethack sessions, which can be played back in your browser! Check it out and watch it play!
  16. ~bear has put together a map of Ctrl-C.club users. Find it here! Read the description of the page to find out how to opt-in.
  17. ~endorphant has set up a World File at /home/endorphant/HELLO.txt. Hop in and leave a message saying howdy!
  18. ~bear has been working on making a list of all the projects and code Ctrl-C.clubbers are working on! Check it out!
  19. A couple of Ctrl-C members have been working with Inform 7 to write text adventure games (aka Interactive Fiction). ~endorphant has put up some documentation about parchment, a system for running Z-Machine games in the browser!
  20. ~endorphant is building a page to make a narrative out of our nethack sessions! Check it out!
  21. ~pgadey keeps building new stuff! Now we have a place where you can see whose pages have been updated lately.
  22. We now have some docs on communicating with wall, who, finger, and write. Thanks, ~pgadey!
  23. See the nethack high scores here.

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Incident Report

Looking for information about the outage of Feb. 2016? Check here.