home of the mighty zote.

home away from home. just a port in a storm.

currently connected to the tildes irc network as zote.

i'm looking into other socials. i have accounts, but i sort of want to start fresh. as zote.

you can email me if you'd like. at zote (at) duck.com .

2023-11-10 Bender.
2021-09-27 retro systems and the fun to be had.
2021-09-20 still here, still alive.
2021-08-27 youtubing
2021-08-19 installing gentoo
2021-08-13 back at it again with this stuff
2021-08-09 soju
2021-08-05 looking into ctrl-c
2021-08-04 listening to music
2021-08-03 playing games
2021-08-02 waking up to a vegan burrito
2021-07-30 eating indian food
2021-07-29 adventuring around the internet
2021-07-28 updating my details
2021-07-27 exploring the wild tildes